Solid Corporation展位设计制作- 武汉展览_上海展览_展台搭建_展览设计搭建_活动会议策划_丰尚展览展示服务北京赛车
Solid Corporation展位设计制作
Solid Corporation Sdn Bhd is one of the market leaders in the automotive electrical segment in Malaysia with its principal activities in assembling and rebuilding alternators & starters, manufacturing spark plug cable sets, wires & cables for vehicles of various makes and models.

Our products are proudly marketed under own house brand namely “Hansa” & “KIS”. In addition, we distribute and market many reputable and internationally renowned brands.

To achieve a quantum leap in business, the company has been proactively participating in exporting and international trade.

咨询执线:400-630-1816 业务咨询或投诉建议:13681809663
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